Thar Desert also known as “Great Indian Desert”, is a large, arid region in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. With an area of more than 200,000 sq. km., (140,000 sq. miles.)

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The author Rajesh Kumar Ranga, a Chartered Accountant/ Company Secretary by profession and a resident of one of the desert cities of India, settled in New Delhi, the capital city of India has been a regular visitor of desert and has an immense love for desert.

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Number of environmentalists and desert lovers all over the world have taken note of the fact that the desert is diminishing and there is an urgent need to preserve the same.

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Our Mission and Objective

We at ‘Save the desert’ have pledged , vowed and committed ourselves to work untiringly towards the objective of Saving the desert , the sand domes and the forests from disappearing through haphazard and meaningless construction activities, stopping the land grabbers from acquiring land in the name of farming, building of hotels and apartments, industrialization etc and thus saving the rich culture, heritage and traditions of the desert.

Sunset on sand dunes is indeed a very pretty sight!!

Your Participation

A lot can be achieved through large scale participation and cooperation of those who have a ‘feel’ towards desert , who have some emotions attached with the desert and those who love and adore nature in its purest form.