Number of environmentalists and desert lovers all over the world have taken note of the fact that the desert is diminishing and there is an urgent need to preserve the same. Many Groups and Non Governmental Organisations are working towards keeping the desert safe. Dr Ali Swadh Al Amondi, an UAE environment expert and former advisor to UNDP ( United nations Development Performance) has stressed the requirement to preserve native desert life as it represent the main element that make up the natural ecosystem and natural heritage .
Environment reserve and wildlife Development Agency ( ERWDA) plant ecologist Dr. Gary Brown has echoed the need to conserve the desert as it is part of natural heritage and there is no reason to disturb it.
Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi has been doing a tremendously applaudable job in this connection.

Many profile pages and blogs have been created internationally. Voices have been raised to clear and maintain the Arizone desert, South of Tucon which ironically has been trashed by human beings who pass through the place.
Attempts have been made by the environment lovers of Egypt to save and protect the desert as back as in 1987.
Many NGOs have approached and filed petition with Ministry of Tourism, Egypt to stop the construction activity and save the desert form further destruction. Al Hayat organization in Farafra Oasis and Desert lovers organization in Bahariya under the Chairmanship of Mr. Saed Ali are running an Online Petition to address the Ministry of Tourism on this issue.

Concerted efforts are being made in Central Australia to preserve the desert to ensure survival of the fascinating creatures of the region such as Red Kangaroo, Thorny devil etc. There have been tremendous growth in support for conservation in Australia. A “Corporate conservation Council “ has been launched in 2007 to involve the business community in the project relating to protection of environment.
In United States of America the environmentalists and Champions on environmental issues are actively participating in the process to protect the desert and its habitats.While President Obama’s priority is the development of cleaner energy in Southern California, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) anda large section of desert lovers are making untiring efforts to prepare a legislation that would permanently the desert land off limits to solar and wind energy projects.The territory is proposed to be declared as “National Monument” and is set to be a big set back to Obama’s dream of setting up Energy projects in the region. Feinstein is quoting the provisions of California Desert Protection Act 1994 in support of her opposition to Obama’s plans.In a sarcastic but truthful statement Bill Kovacs , Vice President — environment, technology and regulatory affairs, of U.S Chamber of Commerce stated “If you’re going to take the desert away from us, where are you going to allow it — Los Angeles?,”

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