Our goals can be achieved through large scale participation and cooperation of those who have a ‘feel’ towards desert , who have some emotions attached with the desert and those who love and adore nature in its purest form. ‘Save thr desert’ as an NGO is working towards it at a micro level. The process involves —

  • Holding Camps in the country side to educate the villagers to save the desert.
  • Reminding the villagers of their rich culture and traditions and persuading them not to be swayed by or influenced by the builders.
  • Organizing camps in the villages persuading the villagers to stick to the natural desert crop and vegetation.
  • Educating the villagers of the revenue and employment generation through tourism and cottage Industries.
  • Distributing Pamphlets and literature relating to protection of deserts.
  • Organizing cultural programmes under the cultural wing “Dharti Dhora Ree”(The Land Of Desert) with primary objective of creating awareness about desert.
  • Collecting and storing the facts ,informations and datas relating to desert depletion.
  • Taking notice of any large scale construction activity in the desert.
  • Persuading Government to bring suitable legislation to save the desert.
  • Inter-acting and coordinating with other global groups working in this arena, UNO and other such agencies.
  • Persuading the Government to opt for constructing overbridges in desert areas as an alternate to roads which destroy the basic concept and identity of deserts.
  • Locating and listing old Hawelis .
  • Identifying and listing heritage buildings in dilapidated condition.
  • Listing heritage buildings being misused as offices.
    Submitting Online Petition.
    Persuading Government to organize Desert sports such as Desert safari Car Race, Camel Race and other traditional desert games.
    To explore and start on experimental basis popular games like Cricket, Golf and hockey on deserts.Though difficult and appearing as impossible, once popular it can be a big success amongst the youth.